Photo by Pete Guion –

Matthew “Cam” Barnhardt #14

Height: 6’2″ Weight: 180 Age: 24

Goals: 2 Assists: 4 Blocks: 1

MLU Experience: 1

The 2016 Washington D.C. Current season marked the first year of Head Coach Will Smolinski’s “3-Year Plan” and introduced fans to several young talented pieces of the team’s future. Among the rookies in 2016, Barnhardt stood out as a definite player to watch.

An athletic and tall cutter, Barnhardt spent most of his time in 2016 on the D-line, where he registered a Defensive Turnover Efficiency (DTE) of 55.8%. In Weeks 10 and 11, Barnhardt saw more time with the O-line, scoring twice and throwing an assist while completing 90% of his throws over 20 offensive points played.

Having proven himself on both sides of the disc, fans can expect to see more of this promising young talent in 2017.

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