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The D.C. Current unveiled their new look for the 2015 season on Friday.

The black jerseys with deep maroon horizontal stripes will prominently feature the GamerGrip logo, the official team sponsor for the 2015 season, on the front along with D.C.’s iconic three stars on the back.

Canterbury, the official apparel provider of the MLU, created the new kits for the defending MLU champions.

“Having a major company like Canterbury believe in what we’re doing so much to sign a three year deal is huge,” said Current General Manager Matt Dewhurst. “It shows that there is a commitment for the long haul and a brand that we can grow with. Personally, I love the new kits and love the D.C. ones the best – lots of local flair mixed in with the overall brand. And we finally got some color, which I’m excited about.”


Once the season kicks off on April 19th, these season three shirts and shorts will be available for purchase from the MLU Pro Shop.

2 Responses

  1. Susan

    I see only a shirt, not a kit. The shirt looks good, but I can’t comment on how the kit looks without seeing the whole kit. It’s disappointing to be told about a kit and to see only a shirt.

  2. Keys Pattie

    Looks gravy. Susan is just being picky. Norrbom is gonna look hot in this.


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