The Washington D.C. Current (0-2) is still in search of its first win of the season as they host the New York Rumble (0-2) this Saturday.

Both teams will be looking to avoid the season in a 0-3 hole. A mark that the Washington D.C. Current have never started the season with and one the New York Rumble haven’t seen since 2013.

Despite the 0-2 start, the Current believe that they are playing better than their record indicates. The focus remains to do enough in the first half of the season in order to be in a position to compete at the end of the year.

“Our coaches have always stressed the importance of our process, so that is what we are focused on,” defensive cutter Eric Miner said. “Winning is always fun, and sure it is important. But as long as we focus on what we are trying to accomplish as a team, wins will come.”

Last week, some of the inconsistencies in the offense were made clear in a 21-18 loss to the undefeated Philadelphia Spinners. The team got broken seven times in the opening half, and held only a First Hold Efficiency of 50% throughout the entire game.

“We came into that Philadelphia game with a certain game plan, and they caught us off guard a bit with their defense,” offensive handler Lloyd Blake said. “[For this game] I think we will just have to be ready to make adjustments quickly.”

Blake has been the scoring leader for the team early into the season. Through two games he has combined for 11 goals and assists, the highest mark for anyone in the league that has only played two games. Seven of those are assists, the highest mark on the Current, showing how the offense is being run through Blake this season.

The Rumble will be traveling for the first time this season and hoping getting out on the road results in their first victory.

Since last season, New York has put a lot new faces on the roster. There are twenty-two rookies that joined the team this year, in addition to their nine veterans. Two of those rookies, Sean Mott (two goals, three assists) and Seth Canetti (one goal, four assists) are the top scorers for the Rumble this season.

“New York has a lot of unknowns, while not directly a strength, all we have to go on for this team is the past two games, so that definitely can work to their advantage,” Miner said. “We are just going to stay on our toes and be ready for whatever they throw our way.”

The new look team has the lowest Offensive Scoring Efficiency in the Eastern Conference of 40%. However when they do get a turnover on defense, they have been able to score more effectively than the Current.

A familiar face, Marques Brownlee has been the leader of the defensive unit this year. Already he has more blocks (seven) than he did all of last season (five), six of those coming in last week’s loss against the Boston Whitecaps.

With the two lowest scoring teams in the east squaring off, it will be important to see which team is able to score most effectively after the turn. There will be turnovers in this game, but immediate scores by the defense will be the difference maker.

Getting a win to end a three game home stand is a must at this point in the season. Home records are a huge factor every season. The two teams that have had the best home record went on to the Eastern Conference Championship every season.

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