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The D.C. Current will host two open and two invite only combines on four consecutive Sundays this January and February 2014.

Last season, a relentless offense and punishing defense took the Current to the Eastern Conference Finals. In 2014, the Current will stop at nothing less than the MLU Championship trophy. Do you have what it takes to play for Washington’s premiere professional Ultimate team?

The open tryouts will take place at the PGC Soccerdome in Hyattsville on January 26 and February 2, followed by invite only combines on February 9 and 16.

Tryouts will consist of skills challenges, drills, and scrimmages. This is your chance to prove your athletic and Ultimate abilities against the best players in D.C. and the Mid-Atlantic.

Sign-up online ($40) or arrive on January 26 ($50) to reserve your spot. This is a one-time fee that will cover the entire tryout process.

Event Details:

Open Tryouts: Sunday, January 26, 5-8 am and Sunday, February 2, 5-9 am
Invite Only Tryouts: Sunday, February 9, 5-9 am and Sunday, February 16, 5-9 am
Where: PGC Soccerdome, 8400 Ardwick Ardmore Road, Hyattsville, MD (map)
Cost: $40 online, $50 at the door
Bring: Turf shoes (high-quality turf fields), white and dark shirts

Please arrive at least at least 30-45 minutes in advance. Remember to sign-up online to save money and reserve your spot.

About The Author

Paul has worked in online content, freelance writing and education for the past ten years. A native of Baltimore with roots in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, Paul grew up in a family of Ultimate enthusiasts. He graduated with his undergraduate degree in English from Goucher College in Baltimore and his Masters in Education also from Goucher. Paul was the captain of Goucher College Ultimate and then played with the Philadelphia Area Disc Alliance, Central Maryland Ultimate Association and the Los Angeles Organization of Ultimate Teams. As the Director of Content, Paul handles the online content for the MLU site and eight team sites.

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16 Responses

    • guest

      should prospective players attend both open tryouts? only one? or does it not matter?

      • Paul Des Marais

        Prospective players should attend the first two tryouts on January 26 and February 2. If you make the cut, you will be invited to participate in the next two tryouts on February 9 and 16. The one-time fee covers the entire tryout process.

      • Curious

        Is it worth it come by if we can only attend 1 open tryout? Or are both required?

      • Paul Des Marais

        Both tryouts are not required, but come ready to make a big impression.

  1. guest

    you’re telling people to show up 45 minutes in advance for a 5 am tryout? wow.

    • Paul Des Marais

      Arriving 45 minutes early applies to tryouts who decide to sign-up at the door rather than online. We want to ensure that there is adequate time for them to complete registration before the combine begins. Please sign-up online!

  2. Joshua Ford

    I know it say to bring Turf shoes, but are non-metal cleats acceptable or normal running shoes? I don’t have the money to buy separate shoes for Turf right now

    • Paul Des Marais

      Thanks for your question. While turf shoes are preferred, bring a pair of running shoes as well as regular cleats. It’s likely that the facility will not allow cleats, so plan on using your running shoes. If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact General Manager Matt Dewhurst at

  3. Whatttttttt

    It’s at 5am and you expect an adequate number of people to come out? I get your most likely going to get returners and people you already talked to about coming out but, you will be loosing so much money by people who just want to say they tried out and aren’t 100% sure weather they’re gonna make it. You expect those kind of people to show up? This is insanity.

    • Just some thoughts

      If you want to play pro ultimate do what it takes. It’s a business, think about how much money they’re saving by reserving AN INDOOR FACILITY at off peak hours. As for all the “maybe’s” and non-dedicated people that they’re “loosing money on” this time slot allows the staff to automatically weed them out and gets more field time for the truly driven players that want to make a professional team. If you want to play, wake up, pay up, and sack up.

      *I have no affiliation with the MLU or DC Current. Just a player that wants to see them on SC’s top 10 more often.

      p.s.- Gramatical corrections:
      “You’re” instead of “your”
      “Whether” instead of “weather”

  4. TheIncrediblePaulk

    Is there an age limit for this? Like if I come out from west Michigan for tryouts, will I just get turned away?


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