Alan Kolick has been the most accurate thrower in the MLU (with those over 100 attempts) this season completing an astounding 96.7% of his 241 passes.

While many of Kolick’s short throws keep the offense moving up the field, he can certainly produce highlight passes as well. Kolick was awarded the Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week award for one such standout toss in the Current’s Week 5 win over the New York Rumble.

Already up by five, D.C. received the disc on offense and patiently worked the disc up the field in their patented style. After several tosses Kolick received the disc from Eddie Peters on the near sideline 20 yards away from the end zone.

Instead of continuing to cram the disc up the short side, Kolick reversed the field by unleashing a beautiful cross-field backhand into space. The throw was weighted perfectly and Peter Prial was able to complete the pretty play by coming down with the disc.

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“I love throwing across the field,” said Kolick. “I saw Peter and Paul [Grabowski] both just kind of standing out there with 30 yards of space, so I just went for it.”

Kolick said that while he hasn’t attempted throws like that this season, the size of the MLU field allows for him to look for these types of opportunities.

“The way we have our offense set up this year, I feel like it hasn’t happened as much as it did last year,” said Kolick. “But definitely with the bigger field it makes an impact and it makes it easier for those throws to go off. It’s easier to find that space, so if you figure out what you want to throw you can put it.”

In celebration of Kolick’s great throw all D.C. Current gear in the MLU Shop will be 15% off and D.C. Innova Pulsar discs will be just $6 until midnight on Friday May 16th.

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