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Justin Solis #41

Height: 5’10” Weight: 160 Age: 31

Goals: 9 Assists: 8 Blocks: 3

MLU Experience: 1

The Washington D.C. Current saw impressive contributions from several rookies in 2016. Solis emerged as one of the most promising rookies for Head Coach Will Smolinski’s squad last season, tallying nine goals, eight assists and three blocks playing for the D.C. O-line.

Finishing the season completing 91.1% of his throws, Solis proved to be a capable addition to the Current during Coach Smolinski’s first season at the reigns. A shifty handler, Solis uses a quick first step to get open on undercuts, allowing teammates to use him as an upfield reset instead on having to dump the disc for negative progress. 

Career Highlights:

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