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Zach Norrbom #10

Height: 5’8″ Weight: 140 Age: 21

Goals: 10 Assists: 14 Blocks: 2

MLU Experience: 2

Following significant roster turnover after the 2015 season, the Washington D.C. Current looked to Norrbom to be one of the foundations of their offense moving forward. A talented young handler, the University of Mary Washington product has put together successful rookie and sophmore campaigns that should make any fan of the Current hopeful for the future.

A natural athlete, Norrbom is constantly moving on the field, using his quickness and field awareness to get open and allow the D.C. offense to keep the disc in motion. Norrbom’s ability to execute really strong give-and-go attacks make the D.C. offense extremely quick, wearing opposing defenses down and allowing downfield oppurtunities to open up.

Career Highlights:

Starting 7: Zach Norrbom

“Young Talent Return to the Current in 2016”

“A Dual-Level Athlete: Zach Norrbom”

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