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The D.C. Current produced several highlight plays during last Saturday’s 21-16 road victory over the Boston Whitecaps, but two stood out above the rest. Alan Kolick won the Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week for his cross-field backhand throw for a goal, and Chip Cobb captured the Spikeball Defensive Play of the Week for a diving layout.

Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week | Alan Kolick

Kolick is one of the best throwers in the league, but on this tricky throw he earned a fortuitous break. Kolick made a slash cut towards the near sideline and caught the disc on the move. After seamlessly establishing his pivot foot, Kolick put up a cross-field high release backhand to Paul Grabowski who was waiting in the end zone. A Whitecaps defender intervened and got a finger under the disc, and popped it up. Luckily for the Current, Markham Shofner was hustling on the play and flew in to make an easy catch and save the day.

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“I got pretty lucky when it fell into Markham’s arms because I was definitely trying to throw it to Paul,” said Kolick. “When I first started playing (the high release backhand) was one of my favorite throws and then I kind of got away from it as I developed other throws but I still enjoy going back to it from time to time.”


Spikeball Defensive Play of the Week | Chip Cobb

The Whitecaps fell into an early hole as they dropped two-straight points to D.C. to start the contest. Boston looked to halve that deficit with one big throw but were unable to do so because of the effort from Cobb.

Boston’s Josh Markette got the disc on the near sideline and loaded up for a flick huck intended for Lee Farnsworth. Cobb was able to figure out the play as it was developing and raced to get back. As the disc floated downwards, Cobb left his feet and was able to knock the pass away to give possession back to D.C.

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“The key on defense is never giving up on a play,” said Cobb. “You have to know that this is ultimate, the disc takes weird hops it gets tipped and then there are always second effort plays. Weird things happen a lot and you can never give up on a play until it’s over. The big trick to defense is always to be ready to go 100% even when you think you’re not going to get it.”

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