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After two intense open tryout sessions, the D.C. Current’s group of prospective professionals has been pared down to just 35 players.

The D.C. Current’s coaching staff put a group of nearly 50 hopefuls through their paces over the past two weekends, trying to uncover the final pieces to compliment and complete their roster.

The group of 49 prospects, who were joined at the Soccerdome in Hyattsville, Maryland by several players already signed to the Current’s roster, arrived at 5 a.m. on consecutive Sundays looking to prove they have what it takes to play in Major League Ultimate.

After taking in the two sessions Head Coach Keven Moldenhauer, Assistant Coach Will Smolinski, and General Manager Matt Dewhurst had the unenviable task of trimming down the list of candidates who would be invited back for another round of tryouts.

“I wasn’t surprised by the level of play,” Moldenhauer said, “just surprised by the number of guys that could have made the team. There were no easy cuts.”

The Current will host 35 individuals this Sunday in the penultimate round of tryouts, with 12 of those players having already signed to the roster. The group of prospects who worked hard to impress the coaches was diverse and even included two female players, Sarah Itoh (Woodbridge, Va.) and Molly Roy (Arlington, Va.) both of whom play for Scandal, the D.C. area club team.

While Roy and Itoh were part of the group competing for the final roster spots, Moldenhauer said that those who have already signed with the team haven’t been guaranteed anything.

“Just because a player was signed before or during the initial phase does not guarantee him playing time,” said Moldenhauer. “I hope some of these new guys will push for a starting spot.”

The competition to claim one of the final roster spots has been “off the charts” according to Dewhurst, and the Current’s new GM said that fact will only help to improve the level of D.C.’s play.

“Even from week one to week two (of tryouts,) you could tell these guys were there to play, make an impression and make our job very, very difficult. But that’s what you want from a tryout,” said Dewhurst. “We already had a great core signed to our roster for 2014, but there is no doubt our roster will be better top to bottom than it was last season.”

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