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The D.C. Current’s come from behind 18-17 victory over the previously unbeaten Boston Whitecaps was filled with multiple highlight reel plays. On Wednesday, the MLU announced that three plays from the contest would receive play of the week honors.

Paul Grabowski’s Friction Gloves Catch of the Week.

Grabowski, one of the Current’s standout rookies, made an early impression in his home debut. Trailing 4-3 halfway through the opening quarter the Current’s O-line received the pull. A swing from Alan Kolick went to Markham Shofner who threw a 15-yard pass upfield to the in-cutting Eddie Peters. Peters then hit Peter Prial with another 10-yard throw. Once Prial got the disc he immediately looked towards the end zone and the streaking Grabowski.

Grabowski launched himself after the disc, flying into the end zone for the catch and the score. The play earned him a spot on the ESPN highlights page.

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“I saw Peter make the in-cut, my guy was inside of me a little bit, so I took off,” said Grabowski. “He put it up and it was a little bit low and a little bit out there, so I just put my head down and I was able to catch up to it. Those ones are the best. The ones where you’re not sure you’re going to get the discs. Those are definitely the most satisfying.”

Markham Shofner’s Throw of the Week

Up by a score halfway through the second quarter, Markham Shofner would double D.C.’s advantage with a connection to Jeff Wodatch following a timeout.

From the goal line Alan Kolick led Shofner with a 30-yard slash up the field. Pinned to the far sideline Shofner got the disc and unleashed a beautiful breakside huck that floated more than 60 yards in the air to a wide open Wodatch.

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“The field really opened up nicely, Alan floated it out there with really good weight on it and just allowed me to run it down,” said Shofner. “The throw allowed Wodatch to set up his cut, and since the field here in the MLU is so wide, we were able to swing it around the opposite side of the field so Wodatch could go get it.”

Peter Prial and Calvin Oung Combine for Offensive Play of the Week

The early front runner for play of the year in the MLU also earned offensive play of the week honors. In the final seconds of a tie game Prial put up a floaty hammer towards the end zone. Calvin Oung would fly high above the group of players amassed underneath to claim the game winning catch, sending his Current teammates and D.C. fans gathered in Cardinal Stadium into a raucous frenzy.

“I was trying to get it into the end zone,” said Prial. “I got fouled on the throw, obviously it was not a very good throw, but Calvin made an amazing play coming down with it.”

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Oung said that while it wasn’t a perfect throw, he was able to get a solid read on the disc, and knew exactly where to go.

“I’ve always had a knack for trying to avoid contact in those situations,” said Oung. “I knew that most people would be coming from upfield back towards the hammer, so I went away from them and tried to come from underneath it. I got lucky, I think it actually got tipped as I caught it.”

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