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UPDATE: D.C. Current star Alan Kolick is scheduled to have surgery on his right wrist Friday July 18 and will be unavailable to play in the MLU Championship game. Kolick, one of the leading candidates to earn league MVP honors, attended practice on Wednesday night but did not participate in any drills.

“It was bad timing,” said Kolick. “But injuries happen and I can’t remember the last time I had a serious injury before this so I guess I count myself pretty lucky. [Injuries] happen and I think that everybody will be fine filling in the spot that I took on offense. I still have 100% confidence that we will win.”

Monday, July 14, 2014

MLU MVP candidate and D.C. Current star handler Alan Kolick suffered an apparent right wrist injury on Sunday while playing for his club team, Truck Stop Ultimate, at the Chesapeake Open. The injury puts Kolick’s availability for the July 19, 2014 MLU Championship game into question.

The D.C. Current will play in their biggest game of the year on Saturday, and they might be taking the field at PPL Park without one of their best players. Alan Kolick, the Current’s leading point scorer and main handler, suffered a wrist injury to his non-throwing hand over the weekend.

Kolick, who is tied for the league and team lead with 30 assists this season, made a layout bid to get a D and apparently landed awkwardly on his right wrist.

“Alan went for a D and it was clean,” said D.C. Current assistant head coach and Truck Stop head coach Will Smolinski. “There was no body contact or anything like that; he just landed wrist first. He came up and almost everybody’s initial fear was that he broke his wrist.”

Kolick had an incredibly successful season while leading the league’s best offense, completing nearly 95 percent of his 392 throws and tallying 44 points, the third highest total in the MLU. Kolick was the only player in the league to rank inside of the top five in points, assists, throws, points played, +/-, touches per point, throws per point and offensive efficiency. The injury is a major blow for the Current and even if Kolick is available to play in the MLU Championship game he clearly will not be at full strength.

“Champions find a way. We’re playing in a championship game and we’re going to have to find a way,” Smolinski said. “If Alan plays, obviously he will be limited and if he doesn’t play, he is a really important part of our offense, but we will just have to find a different way. It doesn’t change anything with our D-line and it doesn’t change how well the rest of our offense works.”

While Kolick clearly is one of the Current’s biggest stars, they have several other players who can capably step up and perform in his absence. Handlers Markham Shofner, who tied Kolick with 30 assists this season, and Lloyd Blake are likely to see increased touches regardless of whether the Current have Kolick on the field or not.

“We don’t know if Alan will play or not but we are obviously planning for both” said D.C. Current head coach Keven Moldenhauer. “The biggest thing you will see is that Lloyd will get a lot more points on offense. You will also probably see Sean Keegan back handling a little more. We’ve pushed Keegan down field most of the year but he is very comfortable handling and he plays pretty similar to Alan in terms of how he moves the disc quickly and gets off break throws.”

Tickets for the MLU Championship game are on sale now! Come cheer on the D.C. Current as they try to capture their first ever MLU title at PPL Park on July 19 starting at 6:30 p.m. 

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    Good luck on the recovery Adam! We are all rooting for you!

    Kick butt this weekend Current!


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