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D.C. acquired dynamic offensive weapon Peter Prial in free agency from the Boston Whitecaps on Friday, a blockbuster move by Washington to bolster their offensive line with a sure-handed cutter with a knack for finding open space in the endzone.

Prial, 26, led Major League Ultimate in goals last season with 35 overall as a starter for the league champion Whitecaps. He finished third in the league in points with 55 total and had the second fewest throw-aways among players with at least 20 assists.

“Peter was the number one free agent prospect on our board, and to finally have him signed is huge for us,” said D.C. Current General Manager Matt Dewhurst. “When you can add a weapon like that, coming off a championship season with Boston, you absolutely have to make it happen. And we did.”

With the addition of Prial, Washington now boasts five of the top 15 scorers from last season — Markham Shofer (50 points), Alan Kolick (47), Calvin Oung (43) and Sean Keegan (39) have re-signed already — and add a player with presence on the field that certainly improves D.C.’s championship hopes.

“I want to win another title,” Prial said. “Boston didn’t go undefeated last year by accident. But I think that the Current have the experience and talent to knock them off. Personally, I hope to play my part in helping the team as much as possible, whatever my role is.”

The Middlebury College graduate was a crucial part of Boston’s relentless offense that propelled the Whitecaps to a perfect 12-0 season.

Prial devastated the Current last year, totaling 22 points against D.C. in the regular season, plus an additional six — four goals, 2 assists — in Boston’s 24-13 victory over the Current in the Eastern Conference Championship. He added three goals and two assists in the MLU Championship Game as well.

“We were lucky to have Peter fall into our lap,” said Assistant Coach William Smolinski. “Peter’s genuine confidence without cockiness will be contagious on and off the field.”

Prial began talks with the Current in early November after moving from Boston in August to attend law school at Georgetown University. He has played Ultimate in the Boston area since graduating in 2009.

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  1. Notafan

    Acquired from the whitecaps? If you sign a free agent you don’t acquire them from another team. Acquire would mean some kind of trade happened.

    • Jak

      Right. He was ‘acquired’ the same way every club Ultimate player is. A life event happened that caused him to move somewhere else in the country and he wanted to continue playing Ultimate.

      It’s also possible, though I doubt it, he plays with Truck Stop instead of Ironside.

  2. Nancy D

    Way to go Peter! I am simply thrilled for you. Wishing you all the best – have fun playing for DC.


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