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There was a bevy of highlight plays during the Current’s 22-16 playoff-clinching victory over the Philadelphia Spinners last Saturday, but two in particular stood out. Alan Kolick earned the Hucket Offensive Play of the Week for skying high to secure a catch for the goal, and Peter Prial won the Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week for his hammer toss to Eddie Peters.

Hucket Offensive Play of the Week | Alan Kolick

Trailing 6-3 late in the second quarter, the Current were in need of a spark and their star handler Kolick provided it. The offense received the disc and after working it up towards midfield, Kolick took off towards the end zone.

“We were really struggling as an offense,” said Kolick. “Basically I just saw Markham [Shofner] with the disc, and it’s always good to cut deep when he has the disc.”

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With the disc in the air, Kolick, who ranks third in the MLU with 22 assists this season, left enough space at the back of the end zone while timing his jump and boxing out his defender to come down with the incredible catch.

“It’s a different kind of feeling, going downfield and getting to run around,” said Kolick. “A lot of times if you sprint from the handler position all the way downfield people just kind of don’t want to chase after you.”

Innova Pulsar Throw of the Week | Peter Prial

Late in the third quarter, the Current and Spinners were tied at 10. Once again D.C. was in need of a big play and one of the squads star players came through. Peter Prial, who has scored the sixth most points in the MLU this season, and the rest of the Current offensive line took to the field and quickly advanced the disc past midfield. Prial tossed a 10-yard flick up field to Tom Doi who then returned the disc back to him. With his providing lots of space, Prial surveyed the pitch and spotted a wide open Eddie Peters streaking towards the end zone. Prial pivoted and put up a pinpoint accurate hammer throw for the go-ahead score. It would be the first score in a 10-1 run that sealed the game for D.C.

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“My guy was poaching off and he had a super loose mark, from what I remember, and he was giving me lots of different options,” said Prial. “I saw Eddie go deep, he was wide open and it was an easy decision to put it up to him.”

“It’s probably the best hammer I’ve ever thrown in a competitive game,” said Prial, “so that was pretty sweet.”

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