For the first time this season the D.C. Current will line up opposite of the New York Rumble. Both teams will enter Saturday’s matchup at Catholic University of America’s Cardinal Stadium coming off of Week 4 victory’s and will be looking to begin a win streak.

The first showdown in a three game season series between the Current and Rumble represents a major opportunity for both squads. After a thrilling win at home over Boston, New York is eager to show that their talented squad can play at a consistently high level and is a serious threat in the race for a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs. While D.C. looks to distance themselves from the pack in the East and move to 4-1 at the season’s halfway mark.

“Going into this week I don’t think being 4-1 is the most important thing,” said Current Head Coach Keven Moldenhauer. “But I do think that it is important to win at home, especially in our first game against New York. It’s important in that we haven’t played them yet and we need to show that we can beat all three teams that are in the Eastern Conference.”

Last week the Current used an explosive defensive effort in the third quarter to pull away from the Spinners, as D.C. scored four consecutive break points to open up a huge lead. The Current have been great all season long at creating turnovers with their defense on the field; however, D.C. had largely failed to convert those break chances into goals. But that wasn’t the case last Sunday, and the Current hope they can continue to build on that success.

“It’s always so great when you punch in a D, because you do all the hard work and really the offense is supposed to be the easy part of it,” said defensive team captain Dan Kantor. “But we seem to have been struggling with that the past few weeks. I think our D line is finally coming together and we finally were able to start clicking. We were just rattling points off.”

Kantor said his squad has been looking at tape to see the little things that they did right so they can have a better idea of the types of plays they need to make to be successful.

“We watched the game film to understand what made it different than the last couple weeks,” said Kantor. “Just to understand where we were succeeding, and from that we will try to build on it. And hopefully instead of being at a 50% conversion rate of turns to breaks we can try and get it up to 70%.”

Kantor and his defensive line mates will have a tough task this weekend, as they will attempt to slow down reigning MLU MVP Chris Mazur and his Rumble squad that is full of confidence following their 18-17 win over the Boston Whitecaps. Moldenhauer said that his team will have to commit to playing tough defense against a New York team that is rounding into form.

“The first three weeks New York didn’t show anything special in my mind,” said Moldenhauer. “They didn’t play the way they’re suppose to. This last game is the first time I saw them playing some serious, intense defense. They did a good job covering their men, getting down on the pulls quickly, and their marks were very good. So those are all things we will definitely prepare for.”

The Rumble take the field at Cardinal Stadium at Catholic University this Saturday, May 10 at 6:00 p.m.

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