In Saturday’s game against the Boston Whitecaps, Brandon Malecek attempted a 60-yard huck that traveled only 6 inches before slamming into Dan Kantor’s outstretched hand.

This display of split-second reflexes and amazing athleticism earned Kantor the Defensive Play of the Week.

I spoke with Kantor — Sean Keegan’s choice defender for stopping the Rumble — about the play and the Current’s bid for the playoffs.

Were you expecting to get that D or did you just play your normal defense? Walk us through the play and what was going through your head.

So the flick side was actually the break side, and I’ve played against Muffin (Brandon Malecek) for about 4 years now, so I know he likes to throw flick hucks. In our first game, they threw a break throw to the flick side and he immediately hucked it deep before I could set a mark. I remembered that during this game, and just timed it right. I got pretty lucky it hit my hand and didn’t fly past me as they had a man wide open deep.

Were you playing with more intensity given that you had a chance to dethrone the Boston Whitecaps?

Not really. Against Boston intensity doesn’t necessarily translate into more D’s or better play. They are a highly skilled and talented team, so you have to play smarter, and think more. More of their players have better throws than most of the teams in the league, and as such, one has to adjust their game accordingly. For Boston, its playing more with your brain, less with raw emotion.

Does winning this play give you some extra confidence going into these crucial final games? What must the Current do in order to notch key wins on your road to the playoffs?

No extra confidence, but its nice to finally see the Current on this side of a highlight instead of the bad side. The entire team has made spectacular plays throughout the season and I’m just lucky that this one made it as a main highlight. Right now we are just highly focused on our game this Saturday against NY. The other games after it don’t matter unless we win this one, and as such, we are only looking ahead to this Saturday. We played probably our worst game of the entire season against them last time, and we won’t allow that to happen. We aren’t looking to do anything special, but just play our game, go into their home field, and take a win.

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