Dusty Rhodes has signed on as the General Manager of the DC Current for their inaugural season.

Rhodes, a fixture in NYC, Philadelphia and NJ Ultimate since 1999 when he first joined the New York University team, enjoyed an 8 year club Ultimate career with Pike (2003-9, Captain in ’08 and ’09) and PoNY (2010), complete with six Club Nationals appearances. He also has experience coaching in the college ranks with Drew University, and has written extensively about his experiences in the sport.

“I believe that Dusty Rhodes brings exactly what the DC Current needs,” say Commissioner Jeff Snader. “He will lead the entire organization by example with his drive and determination.”

Rhodes is looking forward to working with his former teammate, DC Current coach Keven Moldenhauer, to build a cohesive team environment and identity.

“The ability to attract players in the same area from different club teams, as well as those who do not play club, gives us an opportunity to put together a team who promotes and fosters the highest level of play,” says Rhodes.

The DC Current are setting their sights on the highest peak in the MLU in 2013. Moldenhauer and Rhodes provide an excellent starting point.

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