Throughout the tryout process, the D.C. Current have signed eight players to contracts for the 2016 season: Kevin Healey, Gabe Wester, Mark Flores, Mikey Moses, Antoine Davis, Justin Solis, Trevor Griesman, and John Kerr.Площадки лестниц

The Washington D.C. Current have signed eight additional players, expanding their 2016 roster to 18. With a maximum of 30 spots on the team, this recent batch of signings leaves just 12 spots remaining on the roster.

Of these eight newly signed players, six have professional experience (two with the D.C. Current, four with the D.C. Breeze). Many of these players highlight local club teams such as John Doe, Ambiguously Grey, and Medicine Men.

Kevin Healey

Healey was a rookie on the 2015 D.C. Current roster . Throughout the first half of the season Healey battled injuries and end the year having only played in five games, with his first being in Week 6. In the five games he played a total of 28 points, primarily on the D-line. On those points, he recorded a goal, an assist, and a hockey assist, while completing 100% of his passes. Healey played for the Breeze in 2013 and plays on the DMV based club team John Doe. 

Gabe Wester

Webster was in a similar situation to Healey for the 2015 season. For a good portion of the season, Webster dealt with injuries, preventing him from making it onto the field. Just like Healey, Webster played in five games on the year for a total of 29 points. He scored a goal, registered a block and a hockey assist on the year. Webster is also a member of the John Doe club team.

Mark Flores

Flores is one of three players joining the 2016 D.C. Current that spent last season on the Breeze roster. For the Breeze in 2015, Flores was one of their top performers on the roster totaling 23 goals, 19 assists, 8 blocks. Although small in stature, Flores’ speed makes him hard to match. During club season Flores plays on Ambiguously Grey (D.C.’s top mixed team), making an appearance at USA Ultimate National Championships last year.  

Michael ‘Mikey’ Moses

Moses also joins the Current after a year with the Breeze. In 2015, Moses was known for his defensive presence, tallying 11 blocks on the year. A graduate of Notre Dame, Moses began playing for their team, Papal Rage. For the past three seasons, Moses has been a member of John Doe Ultimate.

Antoine Davis

A graduate student at Virginia Tech, Davis is the college teammate of fellow D.C. Current rookie Joe Freund. Along with Moses and Flores, Davis was on the Breeze in 2015. Davis is known for being extremely athletic and having a commanding presence on the field both offensively and defensively. A member of Ambiguously Grey during club season, Davis  totaled 7 goals and 6 assists at Nationals this past year. On Ambiguously Grey, Davis and Flores were both teammates of D.C Current assistant coach Sam McClellan.

Justin Solis

After battling an ankle injury for the majority of 2015, Solis is joining the D.C. Current looking to make an impact. Solis has two years of professional experience under his belt, playing for the Breeze in 2013 and 2014. He played in college at UMBC and has spent time playing for Ambiguously Grey and Medicine Men on the club scene.

Trevor Griesman

Griesman, a Massachusetts native joins the D.C. Current as he moves to the district. Griesman just finished his college career at Dickinson, where he was named to the Ohio Valley D-III All Region First Team. In 2013 he played for the Monstars in the Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships .

John Kerr

For the past three seasons, no one has been working harder to make the D.C. Current roster than Kerr. A Salisbury University graduate, Kerr heads into the season with no professional experience, but brings incredible athleticism. Kerr plays for the club team Medicine Men.

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