The D.C. Current dominated the New York Rumble from the opening pull to the final whistle on Saturday as they jumped out in front early and never looked back. Several plays stood out on Saturday, but here are a few takeaways from D.C.’s big 28-15 Week 5 win.

Dominant Defense

The New York Rumble’s O-line was on the pitch to start a point 29 times on Saturday night. One of those points ended without a score because time ran out in the third quarter, but out of the other 28 opportunities D.C. came away with 14 points and New York came away with 14. It is simply amazing that D.C.’s defensive line nearly outscored the Rumble singlehandedly.

“We were really focused as a team to get our defensive line better at offense,” said Connor Maloney. “We were getting the turns but we weren’t punching it in once we got it. Today I think we did a great job. We had a lot of points where we were really patient, and kept the disc moving pretty fast, and it seemed to be really effective when we didn’t just stand there looking around thinking about what we’re suppose to be doing.”

D.C.’s defense got on a roll early as they rattled off four straight break points to end the opening quarter with an 8-2 lead. The Current’s relentless pressure never subsided as they harassed the Rumble into turnover after turnover all night long.

“At one point there were only four times that the New York offense didn’t have a turn,” said Current Head Coach Keven Moldenhauer. “So even if the defense wasn’t scoring we were still creating turnovers which was pretty impressive.”

Equally Effective Offense

While the Current’s defense stole the show, D.C.’s offense put on a powerful performance as well. The Current’s O-line received the pull 17 times, they ended the point in the end zone on 14 occasions, got broken once and ran out the clock to end both the first half and the fourth quarter.

D.C.’s offense displayed some of their best skills on Saturday night as they were patient with the disc while also briskly moving it up the field. The Current O-line wasn’t perfect, as they committed a handful of turnovers, but when they did turn the disc they made sure to put forth the effort to get it back.

“I feel like we are showing the progression of Ultimate,” said Moldenhauer. “I think this idea of people standing around in a vertical stack or people running the standard horizontal stack will be gone very soon. This live side offense we are running is showing how open and how amazing this sport can be if you are willing to work together as a team.”

Big First Impression

Several players stood out on Saturday with the usual suspects: Alan Kolick (9 points), Peter Prial (5 points) and Markham Shofner (5 points) each checked in with big games.

But it was a new member of the Current squad that provided a big surprise. Dominique Gibson, a college player at Virginia Commonwealth University, scored four points (1 goal, 3 assists) in his first game with D.C.

“It was nice to get our man Dom out here,” said Kolick. “He’s just great. He’s a sophomore in college and he’s just so athletic and exciting to play with.”

Gibson came out to the Current’s open tryouts and impressed the coaching staff so much that they kept a roster spot available for him. In his first game, he more than justified that decision.

“What I’m most impressed with is not the plays he was making because at practice he’s extremely athletic and he makes those types of plays,” said Moldenhauer. “But for as young as he is, he knows his role, and his composure excites me. He’s very coachable and when he catches the disc I know he’s going to make smart decisions. That’s a characteristic in a young person, especially in this sport, that is tough to find because people don’t grow up playing this sport.”

Grabbing Control Early

The Current took control of the game early and never let New York find their footing in the contest. D.C. scored a break point the first time the Rumble received the disc, and after New York tallied on both of their next offensive possessions the Current would score five-straight break points to bust the game wide open at 9-2.

D.C. held New York off the board for over nine minutes during that extended run, and the Rumble were never able to recover.

“That was the plan. We wanted to come out with a lot of intensity from the start and not leave anything to chance and it worked,” said Maloney.

New York Next (Again)

With the win D.C. moves to 4-1 at the halfway point of the season and holds a one game lead over the Whitecaps for the top spot in the Eastern Conference.

These two sides will clash again on Saturday as the Current make the trip up to the Big Apple to face the Rumble. While D.C. had a relatively easy time dispatching New York in Week 5, the team isn’t expecting things to go so smoothly inside of the Rumble’s home stadium.

“It’s going to be a harder game. It’s going to be on their home turf but I definitely think this is a good little confidence builder for us,” said Maloney. “I don’t think this score reflects how good these two teams are and I think it’s going to be a battle next week for sure.”

The game will not be livestreamed this week, but make sure to follow us for live updates on Twitter beginning at 7 p.m. on Saturday night, May 17.

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