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Ben Fleming was honored with the MLU Defensive Play of the Week award for his amazing layout block in the Current’s thrilling double overtime win over the Boston Whitecaps last weekend.

Boston had the disc and the chance to claim a sudden victory, but were backed all the way up against their own goal line. With the count getting tall, Boston’s Jeff Graham put up a big flick down the near sideline. The Whitecaps’ Christian Foster had a beat on the disc and a good five-yard head start over Fleming.

“I figured with the throw going into the wind I could give him a little room,” said Fleming. “But I think if I would have given him anymore he would have gotten the throw.”

But Fleming showed off his closing speed as he narrowed the gap and got shoulder to shoulder with Foster before launching himself at the disc. A horizontal Fleming managed to get his fingers on the disc first to knock away what would have been a huge play for the Whitecaps. Instead the Current took over 70 yards from the end zone and touched down for the winning tally just three throws later.

“It was an important point, and to be on the field meant two things to me: that the coaches have confidence in you and your players have confidence in you as well,” said Fleming. “I’ve been working hard in the offseason and I just used that confidence to get the disc. I saw it go up and I kept my eyes on it the entire time. I knew I had to make up ground, but thankfully I was able to make the play.”

The MLU weren’t the only ones to honor Fleming’s great play as the highlight was featured on a SportsCenter broadcast earlier this week with anchor Robert Flores saying “I’m new to this sport, but I mean, I could get into it. It looks like something I would like.”

Come out and watch Fleming and the rest of the Current’s defense take on the Philadelphia Spinners this weekend at Catholic University’s Cardinal Stadium.

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