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During the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Whitecaps, Robert Dulabon made an incredible catch to earn himself the Friction Gloves Catch of the Week.

Just a week after D.C. dominated the Week 10 Plays of the Week with two end zone grabs from Rico Johnson and Alan Kolick, Dulabon made an acrobatic catch over Whitecaps defenders for a D.C. goal. Dulabon seemingly came from nowhere to twist his body to make one of the most sensational grabs of the inaugural MLU season.

Here’s Dulabon himself to describe the play:

I saw the disc go off and where the pack was heading and thought I might have an opportunity to make a catch off of a tip. As the disc started dropping, I saw that I had a good shot to make a play in the air myself. I went off my right leg to grab the disc with my left hand as I usually do, but had to make a quick adjustment and grab the disc with my right. Once I felt it in my hand, I just focused on keeping a tight grip on the disc until I landed in the end zone.

That play was a lot of fun. At halftime, Coach Moldenhauer said if we were going to have a shot at coming back, it would be about making big plays and feeding off that momentum. That’s how our team had performed all year, and especially during our playoff run. In the game against the Rumble, Rico made that amazing layout grab in one end zone, then Alan answered right back with a massive sky. I was pumped that I was able to make a big play for the team and hoped that could spark some momentum to mount a comeback. Unfortunately, Boston didn’t allow that. Best of luck to them in the finals this weekend.

For his efforts, Dulabon has won a custom pair of MLU Friction Gloves.

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