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The D.C. Current’s Delrico Johnson has been awarded the MLU Defensive Play of the Week for reeling in a layout Callahan last weekend against the Philadelphia Spinners.

After taking a 9-8 lead into halftime the Current quickly fell behind Philadelphia at the start of the third quarter, as the Spinners scored back-to-back breaks against the Current’s O-line. Following another turnover by D.C. on the ensuing point, the Current needed a big play and Johnson was there to provide it.

Taking control of the disc on the goal line at the far sideline, Philadelphia swung the disc back towards the middle of the field. The Spinners David Baer looked to swing the disc again all the way towards the near sideline but Johnson intervened. Trailing closely behind Gabe Colton, Johnson made up the distance with two quick steps before flying through the air to steal the disc away for the first Callahan of the 2015 MLU season.

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“Usually when I guard someone, I try to take away the most dangerous position either underneath or the out,” said Johnson. “On that play I saw the dump go off and any ultimate player can tell you that the swing is the next option. The cutter actually had me beat by a couple of yards, that’s why I think the throw had a little less zing on it. It also helped that my mark had flashed flat, which allowed me to be hidden behind him. Once I saw the throw go up, I hit an extra gear which let me make up that distance where all I had to do was use my momentum to carry me past the cutter for the layout.”

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