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For years the Washington D.C. Current was almost directly linked to the premier open club team in the D.C Metro area, Truck Stop. This season with players leaving and new players filling their roles, it opened up the roster to many club players in Maryland, D.C., and Virginia.

While their are still players on the roster for Truck Stop playing for the Current, different men’s and mixed teams have representation on the squad. Slowly shifting some power in the area the Current have helped other local teams grow for strong campaigns in 2016. This includes open teams John Doe, and  Floodwall, and mixed teams Ambiguously Grey and Ant Madness

The Current will have 28 of their 30 rostered players playing club; 17 on men’s teams, 10 on mixed teams, two on a masters team and two on a youth club team testtest.


Truck Stop (4): 

Delrico Johnson, Keven Moldenhauer, Erik Salmi, Eric ‘Astro’ Miner

Medicine Men (3):

Joe DiPaula, John Kerr, Raymond Mendoza

Floodwall (5):

Tim Jackson*, Jack Field, Aaron Richards, Cam Barnhardt, Austin Bartenstein

John Doe (5):

Chip Cobb, Trevor Griesman, Kevin Healey*, Mikey Moses*, Gabe Webster*


Ambiguously Grey (5):

Antoine Davis, Mark Flores, Kyle Khalifa, Zach Norrbom, Justin Solis

Ant Madness (3):

Andrew Ferraro*, Joe Freund, Lloyd Blake

Sparkle Ponies (2):

Andrew Gravunder, Jake Radack 


Rest Stop (2):

Brent Bellinger, Keven Moldenhauer (also playing with Truck Stop)


Swing Vote (2):

Jake Radack (also playing with Sparkle Ponies), Joe Freund (also playing with Ant Madness)

Not playing this club season: Freddie Tsai, Dom Gibson

*: denotes captain for his respective team

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