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The D.C. Current’s Alan Kolick grabbed the Friction Gloves Catch of the Week award for his outrageous layout score against Philadelphia last Saturday.

Up by one with under eight minutes left to play in regulation the Current had worked the disc up near midfield on offense. Johnathan Neeley held possession about 10 yards shy of the midfield stripe and saw a teammate streaking deep. Neeley unloaded a big backhand into acres of space allowing Kolick to chase it down and fly into the end zone for the score.

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“I would say that whenever a disc goes in the air I have always tried to have the attitude that I am going to get it if it is anywhere near me,” said Kolick. “Obviously it doesn’t work that way every time but having the confidence and determination that you are going to come down with the frisbee is important. The past few weeks I have gotten to be out in the cutting lanes a lot more frequently and it has been a lot of fun.”

Come see Kolick and all of the other Current stars as they take on the Boston Whitecaps in the squad’s final home game of the regular season this Saturday. First pull is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.

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