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D.C. Current cutter Calvin Oung snatched up the US Coachways Offensive Play of the Week honors for the deflected score he caught against the Philadelphia Spinners to end the first quarter last Saturday.

D.C. received the disc as the final seconds ticked off the clock in the first quarter. Markham Shofner picked up the pull and executed a quick give and go with Lloyd Blake to advance the disc near midfield. After skying to grab the disc over a pair of Philadelphia defenders, Shofner quickly set his feet and launched a lofty backhand headed towards the end zone.

A crowd of players huddled underneath the disc and several had a chance to make a play on it; however, Oung would ultimately secure possession after the frisbee had been tipped numerous times.

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“I misread the disc a bit and basically witnessed the disc pinball off three or four people until it fluttered and dove toward the ground,” said Oung. “It felt like the disc was suspended even though it fell fast in real time. I lunged for it and barely got to it before the ground did.

Tip catches are difficult since the frisbee has lost most of its rotation and uniform motion post-tip. Usually, if I don’t think I can catch a frisbee outright, I plan for a tip. You can’t predict where the tip goes but at least I’ve prepped my mind and body so that I can react to the tip as quickly as possible.”

Come cheer on Oung and all of the other Current stars as they take on the Boston Whitecaps in the squad’s final home game of the regular season this Saturday. First pull is scheduled for 6:00 p.m.

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