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The Boston Whitecaps were an absolute force of nature in the 2013 Eastern Conference. Eventually riding an undefeated season to the first ever MLU Championship title, the Whitecaps used solid defense and an unrelenting offense to power their 10-0 campaign in the regular season.

While no team succeeded in defeating the Whitecaps in 2013, the team that got the closest was the Washington D.C. Current, in large part because of their high-intensity defense. And the heart of that defense was Daniel Kanter, a 5-foot-10 cutter out of Cornell University who proved to be one of the better defenders in the first season of Major League Ultimate. In the Week 7 matchup between Kanter’s Current and the Whitecaps in D.C., the defender showed just how valuable he was to the team’s defense with one of the most physically impressive plays of the 2013 Season. In the 2nd quarter, with the Whitecaps up 3 goals, Kanter marked his assignment, Boston handler Brandon Malecek. Known for some of the hardest thrown discs in the league, Malecek caught the disc around mid-field and looked deep for the score with a flick huck. As the flick fired out of Malecek’s hand, Kanter reacted instantly, diving in front of the throw and taking the disc straight in the chest.

Boston would go on to win the game (BOXSCOREWATCH GAME), but it was incredible defensive plays like this one that lead Kanter and the Current to their own MLU Championship title in 2014.

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