Up one in the fourth quarter, the Current were battling the Rumble, trying to close out the most pivotal game of the regular season.

After a crucial block from Cranston, the Current called a timeout to replace their tired D-line. Todd and Keegan remained in the game, and the rest of the O-line came on, including Calvin Oung and Alan Kolick. As the handlers played catch, nothing seemed to develop up field. The stall count ran to 5, forcing Oung to throw a prayer.

A mess of Current and Rumble players formed under the disc. The crowd went up, players fell to the ground, and MVP candidate Alan Kolick emerged from the pile with the disc. This play has earned him the Waveborn Offensive Play of the Week.

Kolick takes us through the play:

“I had been trying to go easy on my hamstring all game, but given the situation in the game, I decided to throw caution to the wind and just hope my hamstring held up. As soon as the disc went up, I knew that it was set up perfectly for me to catch given the shape of the throw and the way that it was hanging. I was able to get a good running start when everyone else in the crowd was backing up and couldn’t set up their jumps as well. Then I really just went up and grabbed the disc.”

In addition to winning $100 and a pair of MLU Waveborn sunglasses, the MLU will donate $100 to the Make-a-Wish Foundation in Kolick’s name.

Kolick and the Current will bring their high-powered offense up to Boston to face the Whitecaps in the Eastern Conference Finals. Purchase tickets here or watch the live stream on MLU Live beginning at 7 pm (EDT).

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